10 Etsy Finds For April


I am always so overwhelmed by the level of talent that I see on Etsy and I love that so many of the sellers on there are people literally sat in their homes making beautiful things to sell. In a World where so much is now factory made and mass-produced, that’s pretty special I think.


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Where I live the business rates and other costs have priced so many independent makers out of the highstreet and there are less and less small shops around with the sort of treasures that you can find on Etsy, so I am so glad that Etsy exists to give these people a platform to reach people and sell the things that they make.


Each month I am going to share ten things I’ve found on Etsy, not that I’ve bought (oh to have THAT sort of income to buy everything on there) but things that I’ve seen on there that I think other people will love as much as I do. Here’s my ten finds for April 2019!


10 beautiful Etsy Finds April 2019


*All images used are from Etsy, if you own the image and would prefer that I didn’t use it do let me know.


Kawaii Style Cloud Earrings


How cute are these little cloud earrings?! I think they’re aimed at teenagers, but I would most definitely wear them myself. They’re so cute and just £6.95 from minifelts on Etsy – Cloud Earrings.


Kawaii style Cloud Earrings on Etsy


Rainbow Felt Ball Garland


I desperately need an office of my own, mostly so that I can buy cute decor pieces for it, like this gorgeously bright rainbow felt ball garlands from Pips and Pops on Etsy. Really reasonably priced starting at just £7 for 1 metre too – rainbow felt ball garland. 


Rainbow felt ball garland Etsy


Heart-Shaped Earring Holder


I have a jewellery box now that has separate small compartments to space my earrings out a bit, but they used to get mixed-up and lost, so I would have loved this little wooden heart back then. Such a simple clever idea, you can either hang it up or pop it inside your jewellery box if the drawer is big enough. Just £4.95 from Rae Pugh designs on Etsy –  Heart Earring Holder


Heart shaped earring holder Etsy


Crochet Storage Baskets


I keep trying to master crochet, but I’m still hopeless at it. The maker of these crochet storage baskets clearly isn’t. They’re a gorgeous colour and there are loads of different colours and sizes (even small crochet dog beds) on the Made By GJ Etsy shop – Crochet baskets


crochet storage baskets etsy


Bee Hotel


I love the colour of this Bee Hotel / Honeycomb Solitary Bee House from Wuddl on Etsy. Once our garden is done, I definitely want a bee hotel/house and this one is so lovely and bright! – Bee Hotel


Bee hotel Wuddl Etsy


Butterfly Necklace


I have a bit of a thing for butterflies and I really like this dainty sterling silver butterfly necklace from Bohemarie Jewellery on Etsy – Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace.


Sterling Silver butterfly necklace Etsy



Fried Egg Plushie Cushion


Hannah Doodle is one of the cutest shops I’ve found on Etsy so far, it’ll definitely be popular with Kawaii fans. This fried egg plushie is just adorable – Fried Egg Plushie.


Fried egg plushie cushion


Stormy Seas Tea Light Candle Holder


I really like nautical decor and these stormy sea tea light candle holders are about as nautical as it gets, looking so much like an actual stormy sea in colouring. You can buy individual ones on the Strawsilk Glass Etsy shop – stormy tea tealight candle holder.


stormy seas tea light candle holder Etsy


Simply Skandi Cushion


You can see the quality of this multi-Coloured geometric Scandinavian cushion in the photos on the Simply Skandi Etsy shop and in the glowing reviews. I just like how bright it is, perfect for adding a pop of colour to a room – Simply Skandi Cushion


Simply Skandi geometric cushion Etsy


Personalised Lego Marvel Picture Frame


This frame would be perfect for any Lego Marvel fan, for birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. It’s such a fun personal idea and would look brilliant in a child’s superhero themed bedroom. Marvel-ous Creations By Nicky make all sorts of other frames as well – Lego Marvel Picture Frame.


personalised Lego picture frame etsy


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