9 Great Frugal Blogs In The UK

9 Frugal Blogs To Follow For Money-Saving Tips and Advice.


9 Frugal money saving blogs in the UK


One of the things that I’ve been trying to do this year is to find new ways to save and make money, you’ll likely seem some posts about that pop up on here in the near future.


Trying to be more frugal is more of something that we have to do rather than just fancy doing, you won’t find any tips here on finding a cheaper cleaner or how to get your asparagus and expensive wines for less money. Just actual money-saving tips in the future that fit the average family and those like myself who don’t live in a world where going on two foreign holidays a year instead of three is what we consider being frugal.


Anyway, in my quest to be more frugal I’ve found some fantastic blogs already out there, with tips and tricks to help the pennies stretch a bit further and so I thought I’d share them with you.


I’ve tried to only include blogs that are mostly all money-saving or making tip blogs, to save you having to dig through lots of personal posts and toy reviews etc, to find the bits that might help financially – there are a huge amount of blogs like that with good money sections on them though, so I may have to do another post at some point about them. So anyway, here they are.


9 Money Saving and Making Blogs in The UK


Ashleigh Money Saver


Ashleigh’s blog (started by Ashleigh and now run by her and a team) is brilliant for finding ways to save money and they often lists freebies and bargain sales on there. – Ashleigh Money Saver


Cooking On A Bootstrap


Jack is a well-known blogger, she even has a cookbook out and her site is full of budget recipes. I really like that she puts the cost per portion of each meal on the recipes, so you have an idea of what it will cost to make each thing before you head to the shops – Cooking On A Bootstrap by Jack Monroe.


Lotty Earns


Lotty Earns is one of my favourite money-saving/making sites, because Charlotte is a very honest blogger and in my experience you can trust her posts. Also she’s anti payday loans and doesn’t use gambling links on her site. Plus her tips and posts are well written, easy to follow and helpful as heck – Lotty Earns.


Much More With Less


Much More With Less by Faith is one of those blogs that I find easily relatable, with tips on reducing shopping costs, recipes for meals that don’t cost a lot and lots of other general money advice. For our family with two growing teenage boys in the house, food is I’m sure one of our biggest outgoing costs other than the mortgage! So we need all the help we can get with finding ways to reduce costs.


Savings 4 Savvy Mums


I love the way that the Savings 4 Savvy Mums site by Laura Light is laid out, as it makes it so easy to find the subjects that you’re looking for, whether that’s budgeting more efficiently, cheap eats recipes, saving or making money. Laura gives some brilliant advice.


Shoestring Cottage


Shoestring Cottage is one of my newer finds, a blog with a real mix of topics all frugal living themed and I especially like the eco-friendly theme of the site too!


Skint Dad


I could lose hours to reading the Skint Dad site by Ricky and Naomi Willis, in fact I probably have so far ha! The site is literally a treasure trove of money-making and saving posts and some of the ways to make money are so random that they make for a really entertaining read. Like did you know that people buy the cardboard middles from toilet rolls on eBay?! Until seeing it on Skint Dad it never would have occurred to me that this was a thing.


The Diary of A Frugal Family


I really enjoy reading The Diary of A Frugal Family, as it has such a good mix of frugal posts, including some DIY posts and recipes, basically really helpful ways to reduce costs in all sorts of areas of life – The Diary of A Frugal Family by Cass.


The Money Shed


The Money Shed is written by Jon and not only is it full of money-making and saving ideas, but there’s also a forum there to chat to other people trying to save/make money, with people sharing their own tips with others – The Money Shed by Jon.


Do you have a favourite Frugal or money-making blog that you read? Or any good frugal tips?


Stevie x


9 Frugal Money-saving blogs in the UK

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