About Me

A Home in Cornwall is a brand new site written by Stephanie Couch (Stevie) who also writes the A Cornish Mum blog, which is a blog on a real eclectic mix of subjects including parenting.


This new site is going to be more of a grown-up blog without the parenting side of things. A space for me to share some of my own interests and find some new ones. I’m hoping it’s going to be a creative beautiful addition to the t’internet.


Me = Stevie

Hello, this is my face… my face with good lighting anyway..


Anyway since the title of this says ‘About Me’ I’ll tell you a little about me, but keep it brief! I’m a 35 year-old Mum of two teenagers (the cause of the numerous grey hairs currently shining like tinsel in my hair) and I live in the beautiful county of Cornwall. If you’re looking for what’s on guides and lots more Cornwall posts, then my other blog is definitely worth a read.


I love fireworks, Cornishware, butterflies, the feel of a strong sea breeze on my face and the smell of a freshly opened coffee jar – along with lots of other things. I’m a slight disaster in the kitchen, but it’s something that I am working on, so who knows you may well spy the occasional food post on the site in the future.


If you check out the social media links in my sidebar, you can follow me in all sorts of places. If you’d like to work with me or just want to tell me how wonderfully amazing I am (Mum) then you can email me at ahomeincornwall@aol.com


Stevie x