Five Things in My Home That Bring Me Joy


I haven’t really looked into the Marie Kondo method enough to make a firm judgement on it, but I do know that she recommends thinking about whether things bring you joy before deciding whether to keep them or clear them out.


5 Things In My Home That Bring Me Joy


Like a lot of other people, if I used this method literally, there most likely wouldn’t be a whole lot of anything left in our home – including the boyfriend on some days ha!


I do like the concept in a way though and when not taken to the extreme, I can see why it works. For someone like me who works from home and also does homeschool here too, there are a huge amount of hours spent in the home. Looking around at interiors and objects that you are bored of or even hate can be a bit of a mood hoover.


Our home is often a bit of a mess, but when it’s tidy and the things I do love that bring me joy are around me, I feel so much happier and even calmer for it. So I definitely get where the theory has come from.


There is a lot that I would change about our home – I wrote recently about our home to do list, but several things that I would love to do weren’t included as I just know we couldn’t afford them and/or they’re things that Si and I would never agree on, as our tastes do differ a lot.


However, there are also things in our home and about our home that DO bring me joy, here are five things that currently make me smile in our home.


Our Mattress


I wrote a review about our mattress over two years ago and I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I have ever been sent for review. It’s so comfortable, I can’t wait til we’re actually back in our own bed and off the sofas to use it again! I had hip and back issues for years and (possibly coincidentally?) they pretty much disappeared after changing our mattress to the Emma review one.


I still get the occasional twinge, but nothing compared to the agony that was waking me up for years. I seriously love that mattress.


Our Emma mattress




Flowers just make a home look that bit nicer don’t they?! If I was someone who could keep an indoor plant alive (RIP my little succulent beauty) I would have some sort of indoor planted flowers. However, I’ll have to stick to my cute cactus, plan lots of flowers for when the garden is done and have flowers in vases instead.


I currently still have tulips and roses from Mother’s Day, which are hanging on in there just about. The boys chose them, which was lovely and they also bought me a rose plant for in the garden. It’s currently still inside, but we’ll be planting it this week and from the looks of how it’s already sprouting shoots, it’ll grow like crazy once we do.


One of my other favourite flowers from around the house is the metal flower that Si welded and made for me back when we first got together, you can see it in the photo of my pen pot further down the page.


Roses - welcome to A Home In Cornwall


Sho Water Bottle


I was recently sent this in return for running a giveaway on my Instagram page, but not asked to mention it anywhere else – thought I’d better mention that first. Anyway I chose the yellow bottle because I just love the colour of it and I’m taking drinks out with me instead of buying them whilst out more often now, which I feel good about as it means I’m buying less plastic. For a bottle it’s really rather pretty.


My yellow Sho water bottle


Pen Holder


This wasn’t officially a pen holder, as it’s actually the plant pot that my succulent came in, but since I managed to kill that in a few short months sadly, I’ve repurposed it. I have a slight stationery addiction going on – new pens make me happy ha – so having a pretty pen holder is perfect. It’s a lot shinier and prettier than it looks below.


My pen pot - shiny


Fitted Wardrobes


Si made these himself for our bedroom and I love them. They provide a tonne of storage and they just make our room look lovely too, especially with the mirrors reflecting light and making our room less dark in places.


Our wardrobes


I’ll write another one or maybe even several more of these posts in the future, as there are definitely more than five things that bring me joy and hopefully I’ll be finding a lot of new ones to add to my list too.


What do you love in your own home?


Stevie x


5 things that bring me joy in my home - A Home In Cornwall

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2 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    Flowers! I love them too! They really brighten up the house. I’ve started buying some on a Saturday and they look beautiful throughout the week and make me smile. I also wish I could keep a house plant alive!!!

    • A Home In Cornwall says:

      I’m hoping I have better luck with outdoors ones once we finally have a garden ready for plants ha! 🙂

      Stevie x

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