Our Home: To Do List


I should have just popped the title ‘Things Poor Si Has To Do’ on this post, but hey I’ll be helping… a bit on our home project to do list.


Our Home To Do List


We’ve lived in our current home (our first home together) for around six and a half years now and our to do list seems to just grow. Mostly because things go wrong – I’ll get into that in another post soon, but also because when we first decorated and arranged our home we were in a rush to get it done so that we could live together properly as a family.


Our tastes have changed in some cases and other things on our to do list are things that we either couldn’t afford to do back then, lacked the time to do back then or simply kept putting off. Some of the things on this list may well end up falling back into those categories, especially the affording part. A sudden surprise windfall would be lovely at some point soon…


Anyway here is our home to do list, covering some small jobs and some pretty huge ones. If you’re reading this Si, it’s not a nag list promise. I’ll add links to some of the things in the list once we’ve done them, if I cover them in another post and I’ll probably add things to the list over time too.


Fix The Tiles


Fix the tiles that fell off the outside of the house (we live in a bricked Cornish unit house, so there are tiles on the outside walls upstairs) that Si and I both knocked off whilst working on the eldest’s bedroom.


Fixing and Finishing The Eldest’s Room


About 2 years or so ago we made the eldest his own room and Si made him a pretty amazing bed over the box top, you can read about it in my post on A Cornish Mum, but unfortunately due to mold from condensation we’ve actually ripped the bed out and two of the walls from his room, which we’ve stripped back to the tiles and wooden battens.


Box room bed as featured on A Cornish Mum


The condensation issue was due to a lack of insulation behind the plasterboard, so we’re re-doing it and adding the insulation. I won’t lie, it was pretty gutting to have to start re-doing the room all over again and to be having to spend a lot of money. It needs doing though and once it’s done the room shouldn’t need doing again for a lot of years.


So we need to add insulation, re-plasterboard the two walls, do some filling, painting, fitting of a new plug socket, add a new carpet and buy him a new bed as we’re changing the room layout. Oh and also buy a new heater as we’re planning to move the heater position and he needs a smaller one.


The wardrobe that Si made and the drawers in the room will be staying. It’s a lot of work, but when it’s finally done it should look lovely again. For now, the eldest teen is sleeping in our bed and we’re on the sofas downstairs. I can’t wait to get my bedroom back again.


Build a Wall and Put Up a Gate


We’re not doing a Trump style of wall building, but the front of our garden currently just has a very broken hedge and no gate at all. The plan is to put in a wall all the way along the front, with some fence panels set into the wall. I already have a gorgeous gate that Si made, which has our house number on it and a butterfly (as I mentioned on my about me page, I love butterflies) and I can’t wait to see it in place.


Awful garden now

The ‘lovely’ looking hedge


Make A Decision About The Back Garden


We have ages to make a proper decision, as we’ll have to save up for a long time for whatever we do, but we’ve been talking about adding an extension to the house, or adding a conservatory or just putting down paving slabs and popping pots around to make it a pretty and usable space. Once we’ve made the decision I’ll add whatever it is to the list.


Pave the Front and Side Gardens


We really don’t want grass, it’s a hassle and I like the fact that you can just pressure wash patio slabs to freshen them up rather than having to cut the grass all the time to look tidy. I’ll be adding pots of flowers to still be kind to insects and bees and to make it look pretty, but I definitely want paving slabs or similar. Our garden is pretty big so this will probably cost quite a bit of money eek.


Put in a New Loft Hatch and Steps


Currently our loft hatch is pretty small and we use a ladder to get in there, but we want to put in a bigger hatch and then have a pull down ladder/steps in the loft to make it easier to go up there.


Re-decorate The Upstairs Landing and Stairs


The carpet on our stairs is coming loose in lots of places and it’s just not the nicest to look at. We want to replace the landing carpet and landing carpet, plus re-decorate the walls up there. Plus sorting the ceiling after we cut the hole in it for a bigger loft hatch. We’ll need a new light fitting too and to paint all the skirting and stair banisters again to freshen it up. I want to sort a new landing blind too.


Re-do the Bathroom


With the wall issues upstairs, I think Si wants to strip the bathroom walls right back in the future too to sort insulation etc out. This will mean re-tiling our bathroom. He is also thinking about re-positioning our toilet and changing other bits in there. This will probably be one of the last things we do in the house, partly as it’ll be a big hassle.


Decorate The Hallway Downstairs


The hallway has the same tired looking carpet down as the landing does and we want to replace it with laminate or lino, basically something easy to clean and keep looking nice. We’re planning to re-decorate too, possibly by adding wood paneling to the bottom half of the walls and then painting the top.


Find Something For The Lounge Wall That We Agree On


Our big lounge wall is a totally plain wall, because we’ve never managed to agree on a picture or piece of artwork to go on it. I’m hoping we can at some point find something that we both agree on, as I’m not a fan of the plainness of it.


Buy Blinds For The Lounge


We currently have net curtains up, which I hate and I’d love to replace them with some sort of nice blind at some point in the future.


Save A Lot Of Money


For pretty much all of the things that we want to do to our home we need to save money for, so our main to do item really is to save money so that we can do them all. We are most likely to do everything gradually and pay for things as we go, but this does lead to delays. As does the fact that Si is always trying to do all of these things around a physical full time job. It’ll all get there one day and he does get the occasional day off I promise.


Stevie x

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