10 Perfumes That Come In Beautiful Bottles


Perfume is one of those things that is pretty much always well received as a gift and if it comes in a beautiful perfume bottle that makes you go “wow!” then it’s an even better gift.


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10 perfumes that come in beautiful bottles


So here’s a run down of 10 fragrances that come in seriously pretty bottles. I actually have zero idea how most of these smell by the way, I have just been totally swayed by how the bottle looks in terms of being an impressive gift or looking pretty on my dressing table ha!


Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream


My boyfriend’s Mum owns this one and it looks just as beautiful in real-life and it smells great too! It’s currently £44.74 on Amazon for 50ml.


Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs


Lancome La Vie Est Belle Eclat


The Lancome La Vie Est Belle Eclat Eau de Toilette bottle just looks so classy. All of the La Vie Est Belle range bottles are gorgeous. This bottle is over on Amazon for £44.80 for a 50ml bottle.


lancome la vie est belle eclat eau de toilette 50ml



Elizabeth Arden Always Red


This is a very ‘grown-up’ looking bottle and personally I love the florals on it, plus it is currently and absolute bargain at just £15.95 for 100ml on Fragrance Direct! It has a recommended retail price of £54.


Elizabeth Arden Always Red Femme eau de toilette


Lolita Lempicka


Honestly how gorgeous is this bottle? The purple colour coincidentally goes well with the purple accents in my bedroom and it’s currently a bargain at £22.95 for 30ml on the Fragrance Direct website.


Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum Spray


Marc Jacobs Honey


Another Marc Jacobs perfume bottle, I don’t think I’ve come across a Marc Jacobs bottle than I haven’t loved so far. They’re just so beautiful with great attention to detail and a bit quirky too. This gorgeous 50ml Marc Jacobs Honey Eau de Parfum is currently on sale and just £29.95 on Fragrance Direct.


Marc Jacobs Honey Eau de parfum 50ml


Vivienne Westwood Boudoir


Vivienne Westwood Boudoir eau de parfum 50ml – as you’d expect from such a talented designer, this bottle is classy, pretty and a little bit quirky. It’s also on sale on Fragrance Direct for £24.95 for the 50ml bottle right now.


Vivienne Westwood Boudoir eau de parfum 50ml


Davidoff Cool Water Wave


I like the Davidoff Cool Water Wave Femme Eau De Toilette bottle for the colours and I bet the blues look lovely in the light. They definitely make me think of the sea, which is always a good thing. This one is a proper bargain on Amazon at just £22.38 at the moment as it’s on sale and that’s for a 100ml bottle! It’s got some great reviews on there.


davidoff cool water wave eau de toilette 100ml


Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Intense


This one isn’t cheap at £66.95 for the 50ml bottle on Fragrance Direct, it is however gorgeous and looks like a dark starry sky. I’m a bit in love with this bottle, so I hope it smells as good as it looks as it’s now on my wishlist for things to buy when I finally have some actually ‘spare’ money ha!


YSL Black Opium Intense eau de parfum 50ml


Marc Jacobs Daisy


Okay, ONE more Marc Jacobs bottle.. I love the simplicity of the Marc Jacobs Daisy bottle. Well simplicity with a gorgeous lid. The 50ml bottle is currently £54.95 on Fragrance Direct.


Marc Jacobs Daisy eau de parfum


Nina Ricci Nina


I love the look of the Nina bottle, I think I have a bit of a thing for perfume bottles shaped like apples! There’s also a new Nina Ricci Les Sorbets Collection coming on sale from 1st May apparently and the image of saw of those was beautiful. You can buy Nina Ricci Nina in an 80ml bottle for £39.95 on Amazon.


Nina Ricci Nina eau de toilette


What’s your favourite perfume and have you tried any of the ones in this post before?


Stevie x

10 Perfumes with beautiful bottles

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