Welcome To A Home In Cornwall

Hello and welcome to A Home in Cornwall, a brand new home and lifestyle blog based in Cornwall.


This isn’t my first blog, I also write A Cornish Mum a family lifestyle blog, and I will continue to do so, but I decided that I wanted to find a little corner of the internet just for me and my loves and interests. As much as I love my children and indeed my ‘third child’ A Cornish Mum, I wanted to do something a bit different.


You won’t find any moans about teenagers or tips on parenting here, just things that I think are beautiful or interesting, home and DIY posts, things I’ve made (I have plans to get very creative), posts to help us all get more organised and… well just anything that interests me.


There will be Cornwall posts and mentions on here, but no where near as many as on my other blog, this is definitely heading in a new direction for me and I’ll admit I’m pretty excited!


Thanks for joining me over here on A Home In Cornwall, whether you’re an old follower from my other site or a new reader, the amazing support of my readers has always been appreciated and always will be.


Here’s to new beginnings, cheers! *I’ll pretend that I’ve just toasted with a beautiful pink gin, rather than the lukewarm cuppa that I actually have next to me…


Stevie x

4 Responses

  1. Ellen Couch says:

    Good luck with the new blog x Love the sound of crafts and creativity…. It’s in the genes lol xxx

  2. Sabine Vante says:

    Your new blog looks really lovely

    • A Home In Cornwall says:

      Aw thank you! It’s a bit empty still, but I’ve got loads of half written drafts already ha 🙂 x

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